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Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario – wether you have a new raccoon family nesting in your attic, or a solo male living under your deck. We have the solution for you. Raccoons are heavy urban dwellers, they have adapted to urban environment and are more common in cities that squirrels. Though they are cute critters, they do pose some problems for the humans they live amongst. Racoon Removal Pros has been in the critter control game in the GTA for over a decade now, and know the ins and the outs to a humane raccoon removal attic.

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  • we’ve been working the GTA for over a decade
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Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario – Raccoon Control Consultation

Once you’ve contacted us over the phone or through an email, a member of our team will head over to your house and proceed to explain to you in detail what your particular situations plan is going to be. Once you’ve understood completely why and what it Is we are doing, we then continue to get the job done. Raccoons are the most common of nuisance animals in Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario and have learned that the mighty garbage bin is an easy meal for them and their young ones.

Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario – while the removal is going on, if there’s anything that you don’t understand we will stop and explain to you at what point we are at. It is important that you understand the whole idea of what it is we are doing, as it is your home.  Raccoons can cause significant damage through their waste are chewing through your home material such as wire insulation.

Have a look through our gallery and see some of the completed projects we have recently worked on and call for an in-home FREE CONSULTATION.

raccoon prevention and removal service

Critter control services in Raccoon removal cost St. Marys

When dealing with wildlife it is very important to act fast if it’s already bad, but the best situation is to prevent it from even happening. Our company is an owner operated business, and we’ve been doing this for over a decade. We pride ourselves on the established reputation we have acquired through dedicated hard work and good business practice.

Raccoons can present problems on your property in a variety of ways. They can nest their young in your attic, or hang out under you decks. They can also just occasionally visit and cause a mess on your property. That’s why Opportunitynorth.ca is the answer to your problem raccoon needs.



  • removal
  • trapping
  • cleanup
  • relocation

HOW MUCH DOES RACCOON REMOVAL COST? Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario?

There are no average prices that can be listed, but there is a general outline you can expect:

Trapping and relocating: trapping can run you from $200 and up to $1000 depending on how many animals there are, where they are, how many traps have to be set etc.

Attic raccoons: raccoons in the attic, at the very least will start at $300 as the handler has to manually remove the mother and her babies.

Damages: damages inflicted by raccoons can run you a pretty penny which is why preventative measures are always better. There can never be an average amount attached to this because damage from raccoons vary vastly.

Attic Cleanup: attic cleanup can cost a pretty penny, there is a loophole through insurance companies that have rodent damage and inhabitation covered. That said, companies look to exploit this loophole and charge an arm and a leg , and sometimes charge over $10,000.

WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE- Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario

We have been in the wildlife control game for over a decade, and our work shows for it. Our expert team is extremely efficient at handling raccoons in all situations.  Raccoon Removal Pros makes sure that the customer feels %100 confident that we will get the job done on time and in a professional manner.

With us you speak with the owners of the company who have a 20 plus years of experience under their belts, and this manifests as efficient job done and you have peace of mind.

Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario – TOP RATED RACCOON CONTROL COMPANY

Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario – wether it’s a raccoon that made its way into your home and you can’t get it out, or a full on family that is dwelling in your attic or garage. We have the knowhow to come in and get your out of control raccoon situation under control and get you back to your normal schedule. We come in and in a professional manner take care of all your removal of raccoons with excellent efficiency. And we trap and relocate in a humane manner as to not separate any coon families.

TOP RACCOON ANIMAL CONTROL BUSINESS- Raccoon removal cost St. Marys Ontario

  • we have over 10 years experience in the animal control field
  • our team is highly trained and has a passion for animals
  • fully licensed and insured
  • we give you FREE ESTIMATES over the phone.

Call us and we’ll get you in for a FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll present you with the pinnacle in quality work in animal control and problem raccoons. We look forward to helping you get rid of any problem raccoons from your property, and get you back on track with your schedule.